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Who are we?
My name is Chris, welcome to Simple Strength. My mission is to help simplify the fields of training, nutrition and recovery.

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What The Industry Are Saying

I've worked with Chris for 3 years. Working alongside him was always a pleasure. His professionalism in what he does and what he executes was always admirable. His achievements in the role of Athlete Development Manager and his contribution towards a long term vision in youth athletic development is still on track and being worked towards today.

Antonietta Del PintoSt Andrews Cathedral School

Chris is exceptionally well thought out and knowledgeable when it comes to facilitating learning, assisting others with their own development and being able to synthesise research and apply it effectively.

Lachlan Irvine-BrownFocused Performance Training

I have been fortunate enough to work with Chris across a number of organisations over a timespan of almost 10 years with our most recent appointment together at the Wests Tigers Rugby League Football Club with the 2020-2022 NSW Cup team. Chris's greatest strength was his ability to bridge the gap between evidence based training and practical application. Chris very quickly established rapport with a range of athletes which allowed him to gain a greater understanding of the total athlete to further improve recommendations to best suit the individual circumstances of each athlete. If you are looking for a coach that understands the art and science, I can't recommend Chris Watts highly enough!

Chris BartelsWests Tigers Rugby League Football Club

Chris is an incredibly knowledgeable coach. However, Chris has constantly demonstrated an excellent ability to put that knowledge into practice. 10/10 would recommend.

Alessandro ClarkeSydney Roosters

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