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I’m Chris

Simple Strength and Science started off as a personal training business. The aim is to help simplify the information out there on improving human performance. Whether that’s on strength training, nutrition, running faster or improving cardiovascular fitness.

My Story

Grew up playing team sports from 10 years old. Throughout my teens grew to enjoy the process of preparing for sport, whether it was going to training and doing conditioning with the team or going to the gym.

Thus grew an interest in human performance, whilst in Uni I often found interesting how nutrition, sleep, training and stress are all intertwined when it came to the body’s ability to perform at a high level.

Itching to apply my knowledge into practice I would go from uni to the gym and experiment with my own training. Seeing how things felt on myself and what didn’t translate well from books to the weight room.

Soon enough I started my coaching journey, getting certified and working with general pop and working my way through to school sector and professional sport.

Currently I work within the Royal Australian Air Force as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Balancing a part-time career with the Army Reserves which allows me a unique perspective working across two services of the ADF.


BSc Exercise & Sport Science
Western Sydney University
MSc Strength & Conditioning
Edith Cowan University
Grad. Certificate Applied Data Science
Charles Sturt University
Level 2 Certification
Australian Strength and Conditioning Association